Tiger Woods’ First Oceanfront Golf Course


ENSENADA, Baja California — Did you know Tiger Woods was building a golf course in Baja California?   Mr. Woods and members of the Tiger Woods Design team today joined The Flagship Group, (they are the actual developers), and invited guests at Punta Brava (Ensenada, Baja California) to a preview event to introduce the private golf and ocean club’s “Champions Club. “

The Flagship Group first announced plans for Punta Brava in October of this year. Situated 65 miles south of San Diego, its scheduled for completion in early 2011.  The centerpiece of Punta Brava will be the first oceanfront course designed by Woods (the photo I’ve included is of Baja Mar – perhaps the most unappreciated golf courses in the world).   The private golf and ocean club is located at the tip of a peninsula that extends seven miles into the ocean on the Pacific coast.

While we weren’t invited, we learned of the event when we tried to set up a meeting with the Secretary of Tourism Escobedo’s office and was told there was going to be a special ‘business meeting’ south of Ensenada.  The last time we heard that the President of Mexico stopped by Punto Colonet to promote their humongous port project.  

According to their press release, Tiger states that his “goal is to design a collection of amazing golf courses around the world,” Woods said during the visit. “To do this, I try to pick the best sites, find the best partners, and create exceptional course designs. This project is a great fit for me because the site is amazing, The Flagship Group is a fantastic partner, and we’ve created an exceptional design.”
“‘It’s a rare opportunity to be able to put 17 greens or tees on the ocean and have eight shots playing over the Pacific. Couple that with views of the ocean from every hole and you have a place that’s pretty special,'” said Woods.”
The inaugural Punta Brava Champions Club event was set up to give “members” (read “investors”) a private tour with Woods to hear about his design vision.  Plans for Punta Brava include a Tiger Woods designed 18-hole par 70 oceanfront course; 39 estate lots (three-quarter to three acres); 99 villa residences (4,500 to 7,000 square feet); and, 14 club casitas for the guests of residents. Punta Brava will also feature a private clubhouse, an ocean club, an extensive wellness center and spa, multiple dining venues, and recreational activities for the entire family — including fishing, kayaking, surfing, whale watching and scuba diving, all inspired by local culture and the natural setting.

To read the entire press release, visit the PR Newswire website

~ by Paul O'Sullivan on December 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “Tiger Woods’ First Oceanfront Golf Course”

  1. This certainly would be unprecedented… private property lines end at the high tide mark, and the Mexican Constitution guarantees open access to all coastal waters.

  2. Isn’t the Federal restricted zone 100 meters above the mean tideline? Technically, I think private property would start there. I’m sure the golf course might edge into it but the structures will be built back.

    Insofar as ‘open access to all coastal waters,’ I’ve heard about it but have never seen that specific provision. To the degree it does exist it’s not evenly enforced. For example, many people get the concession to operate a business within the Federal Zone and use their authority to either keep people away or charging them (campers, etc.). Years ago, that same problem generated the call here in California for the state Coastal Commission. As far as I know, the end of the peninsula where the development will be built isn’t visited much and isn’t in the way of people now wanting to get to the ocean so I don’t expect any issues.

    Did you notice I put your Mexfiles blog on my page? Great read. Thanks for the comment.

  3. The Federal Maritime Land Zone is not 100 meters, is 20 meters (around 22 yards) inland. And not even Mexicans can own here. Concessions are granted through the Federal Government for specific periods of time.


  4. Thanks for the clarification, Javier. I was thinking “100 feet” and wrote meters.

  5. Hola! You have our blog listed under “Things To Do”. We are not a charter boat. We are a privately owned cruising boat. As much as I love being listed, possibly you might want to move us from “Things To Do” to “Blogs To Read”. Thanks! “Catamaran Meerkat”

  6. Yes – I know you’re not a boat charter. Sailing along the Mexican coast is something to do.

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