Are you thinking of buying a home and retiring in Mexico?  Planning to travel to Mexico and find out how?  Want to know the truth about North Americans Living in Mexico?

You’re not alone.  Most Americans don’t know how to get accurate information – much less trustworthy advise – about buying Mexican real estate and living in a foreign country.  This blog is designed to help correct this.  

As a binational public policy specialist, my job has been to know the truth about Mexico and provide it to U.S. government officials.  Now, I run a binational public relations agency that specializes in publicizing Mexican resort real estate.  Given that there is so much misinformation about the topic, I’m using the Living in Mexico blog to get answers for anyone interested in life south of the border.         

Please post your questions about traveling, buying a home or living in Mexico.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find an expert who does.   Together, we hope to help more  Americans find ways to enjoy Mexico.

Family Pic/Playa el Burro, Bahia de Concepcion

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6 Responses to “About”

  1. please help.

  2. Paul’s questions is: We are moving to Hermosillo and we are bring all of are house hold stuff, how do we get it there? I was told you just can’t rent a u-haul and cross please help.

    My answer is: Wow – what’s in Hermosillo that prompts you to move there? Nice town but it’s in the middle of the Sonora desert! If I had the choice, I’d move to San Carlos and commute the hour and a half north if you have a job there. Anyhew… the proper way to import your personal goods is to contact Aduana – the Mexican equivalent of the Customs – with a list of the personal items you’ll be bringing in. As long as they are personal items and not for resale, you won’t have any trouble. In Mexico, it’s all about the paperwork. Here’s a link to their website with all the forms.


  3. well thank you for your information, we did get to Hermosillo and had all of are house moved down, but the border people had to go through it and re pack it and all most everything was broken, dented, lost, what a mess, and we still have things to move here grand panio ect but after all of this we are just selling all the rest of are belongings in the states, and that is what I sugest you all do to. thank you paul

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